This product align the GPS technology with sim management and has features like SOS, Geo fencing and total web based solutions to the school where in the teacher or teaching fraternity can interact with the parent through a APK or IOS platform directly.

Student Card Sever Cluster Design Principle
Sever Cluster Working Principle:
When the student card had been active, it will first connect with the Main Sever;The Main Sever will check the connect quantity of student card for each SubSever, base on the information, the Main Sever will allot the Student card to connect with one SubSever;After Student Card had been active, the Main Sever will send the SubSever’s IP and Backup Sever’ IP to the Student card, the Student Card will connect with the Pointed SubSever and Backup Sever;If the SubSever is down, and the student card will connect with the pointed Back up Sever automatically;

All SubSevers need to be connected with the Date Sever, and Data Sever need to be RIAD (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disk), then all the Data can be shared.